Human Voice Design is a completely unique form of sonic branding and sound designing, created by Rudi Rok - a voice artist with an impressive track record of performances and achievements all around the world. 

Rok has given his voice to a wide range of projects - from games and movies, to art exhibitions and virtual reality experiences. Now he has packaged this unique skillset into a product that will lift your productions to a whole new level of creativity. 

Human Voice Design seeks to stretch the reality of what we have thought possible. Every sound you hear in the Human Voice Design -library, be it an underwater ambience, or an epic glitch transition, has been created using human voice and the unique skillset of a voice artist. 

The Human Voice Design sound library is a toolkit for all creative filmmakers, YouTubers and podcasters seeking to create something unique and original. The wide range of organic sound effects offer countless exciting possibilities for your next project. Purchase a sound pack and let your creativity flow!

We’re excited to see - and hear - what you create with this toolkit! Use the hashtag #humanvoicedesign for us to find and showcase your projects.

Get your message heard

We live in a world of constant distraction and getting your message heard is a battle for attention. Human Voice Design is your competitive advantage in that battle - it makes people listen, and pay attention. 


With our world becoming more and more digital, we’re continuously surrounded by artificial, cold, and mechanical elements. Human Voice Design is an effective way for brands to reach back to something more organic, something we all humans can relate to. It’s a great way for brands and advertisers to showcase their humane values and bring them to the forefront of their next campaign. 


The Human Voice Design sound library consists of sounds you won’t find in any other sound pack on the market. Using our sound library ensures your production will stand out from the rest.